Lasers, Lighting, Water fountains & SFX

Making your vision a Reality

Whether your event requires a classic single colour laser beam show or the synchronisation of multi-coloured lasers within a multimedia extravaganza, be assured we can exceed expectations. From an intimate event location to an international stadium or arena, we can provide lasers to suit any event, exhibition or venue. From a pre-programmed laser show to a customised display, we can produce a truly unique laser lighting spectacle; including concept creation, storyboarding, image production and programming, using vivid coloured beams, strobes and effects, complex graphics and animations. We also offer high quality laser systems for sale, with permanent installations in various venues from theatres, nightclubs and even on cruise ships both in the UK and overseas. Full maintenance of systems and training of operators is also provided.
Transform any space into a mesmerizing wonderland with our extraordinary lighting effects. Our team of lighting designers and technicians work in harmony to craft captivating visual experiences. From dramatic mood lighting to synchronized light choreography, we enhance the ambiance and create an immersive environment that will enchant and engage your audience.

World renowned for creating fantastic experiences

Whether local or global, LM Productions are renowned for creating memorable, engaging and remarkable experiences.