Building Projections and Visual Mapping


Let’s Illuminate Your Vision

Video projections (sometimes known as video mapping) is a versatile and inventive way to turn a building or other façade into an innovative, attention grabbing attraction, with the illusion of 3D. From a product launch or promotion to festive greetings, we can project your message with pizzazz.

We are able to assist from the initial concept through to final production; from the creation and mapping of project specific video content – including large scale interactivity – to the provision of ultra-bright projectors to produce an awe-inspiring end result!

There are numerous advantages to using video projection;


It is truly adaptable and can be easily combined with laser, audio, special effects and even live performances to give a truly engaging spectacle.


It is highly portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


It can be scaled to your requirements and can accommodate almost any surface.


From a one night display to a longer term project, whatever your story, the commanding projections our team can deliver are guaranteed to capture the imagination of your audience.

At LM, we harness the power of projection technology to transform buildings into captivating storytelling platforms. Building Projections and Visual Mapping allow us to breathe life into static structures, turning them into dynamic, immersive spectacles that capture the imagination of audiences. By combining cutting-edge techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and a keen artistic eye, we create unforgettable visual experiences that transcend the boundaries of traditional exhibitions. Visual Mapping is an art form that allows us to unlock the full potential of architectural structures. Our team of skilled designers and technicians meticulously study the unique contours and features of each building, understanding its character and charm. Through the seamless integration of projected visuals, we create a symphony of light, colour, and movement that reveals hidden dimensions, tells compelling stories, and transport viewers to new realms of wonder.

World renowned for creating fantastic experiences

Whether local or global, LM Productions are renowned for creating memorable, engaging and remarkable experiences.