We’re the people who put the ‘wow’ into any event!

We can stage everything from small-scale laser shows at intimate locations to the creation of breath-taking multimedia installations at major events across the globe.

Clients look for new and innovative ideas for installations and shows; with this in mind it is our aim to exceed client expectation. At the end of our highly-creative fingertips is the technology to produce jaw-dropping 360° immersive video and the technical know-how to produce 3D special effects.

We have created our own inflatable venues to provide the perfect eye-catching multimedia environments for events.

We use cutting-edge technology offering high quality experiential events featuring some of the most advanced energy-saving products available, all of which helps to lessen our impact on the environment.

What we offer

  • Complete creative solutions from concept and storyboarding to production
  • Portable venues: StratoSpheres, Cuboids & bespoke structures
  • Full dome immersive and interactive environments
  • Building mapping and building projections
  • Choreographed laser shows and installations
  • Projection spheres and video display screens
  • Ambient and intelligent lighting
  • Sound systems
  • Large scale spectaculars worldwide
  • Project management
  • The best customer service
  • And much, much more!